AA Burwood Newcomer's Group

As we come out of coronavirus (Covid19) lockdown, the AA Burwood Newcomers Group will be holding two meetings:
Both meetings are Newcomers (Beginners) Discussion meetings. Newcomers are welcome to ask any questions about the disease, AA's approach to recovery, and about issues encountered in early sobriety! Members with more sobriety will attempt to answer these questions based upon their own experiece in the fellowship. To assist newcomers, we use a list of common questions, although questions are not limited to these - as we say, "the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!".

Here is the list of common discussion questions:

Resources to Support Online Zoom Meeting

  1. Newcomers' Pack This is a combination of various booklets published by AA from around the world, it includes:
    1. Is AA for You???
    2. A newcomer asks ....
    3. AA at a glance
    4. Just for Today card
    5. Frequently asked questions about AA
    6. Do you think you're different?
    7. Problems other than alcohol
  2. Just for Today card. Print this out, and put it in a prominent position where you will see it often during the day. It is a great guide to living a wonderful life in recovery. Many of us read it at least once-a-day and keep a copy in our wallet. It includes the Serenity Prayer
  3. Recovery is a Process, not an Event. This series of youtube videos is a wonderful presentation of the 12 steps. There is a workbook to go with these videos, which you can download here.
  4. Top Tips for the Newcomer.